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Travel information for students

Shuttle bus to campus

Harper Adams run a shuttle bus service between the campus and Newport. The service runs at the following times:

Term Time: Monday to Friday

Service: Ultimate shuttle-bus

07:45 Newport Bus Station
07:50 Boughey Road
08:00 Harper Adams
08:15 Newport Bus Station
08:20 Boughey Road
08:30 Harper Adams
08:40 Newport Bus Station
08:50 Boughey Road
09:00 Harper Adams
12:00 Harper Adams
12:15 Newport Bus Station
12:30 Harper Adams
12:45 Newport Bus Station
13:00 Harper Adams
13:15 Newport Bus Station
13:30 Harper Adams
17:00 Harper Adams
17:15 Newport Bus Station
17:30 Harper Adams
17:45 Newport Bus Station
18:00 Harper Adams
18:15 Newport Bus Station
18:30 Harper Adams


The pick-up and drop off point at Harper Adams is the QMH car park. For Boughey Road pick-ups please phone 07891 492166.

Buses will run every 15-20 minutes. Please show your Student ID card when you get on the bus.

Free weekend minibus service

Harper Adams run a free minibus service at the weekends to Newport (on Saturdays) and Telford Town Centre (on Sundays).

Term Time: Saturday

Service: Ultimate minibus to Newport (Pick up QMH car park)

Harper Adams dep 10:00 then these times past the hour 00 until 17:00
Newport dep 10:30 then these times past the hour 30 until 17:30


Term Time: Sunday

Service: Ultimate minibus to Telford Town Centre (Pick up QMH car park)

Harper Adams dep 10:00 11:00 12:00 14:00 15:00 16:00
Telford Town Centre dep 10:30 11:30 12:30 14:30 15:30 16:30


Rules of Service: First come, first served basis. No saving seats for friends. No eating or drinking aboard the minibus.

Bike hire scheme

Harper Adams runs a bike hire scheme for all students:

How long can I hire a bike for?

Bikes may be hired for a minimum of one week to a maximum of one term. It may be possible to further extend the loan period but this must be checked with Student Services to ensure the bike is still available.

How much does it cost?

Hire charge is from £3 per week, and you will need to provide a £50 deposit which will be refunded on return of the bike and accessories in a good clean condition.

What do I get with the bike?

As well as a Giant CRS 4.0 bike (or similar) you will be provided with:

  • a cycle helmet
  • padlock
  • lights
  • cycle safety booklet
  • key for a storage locker (if required)
What about bike security?

Bikes must be kept padlocked whenever they are not in use. The bike must only be used by the person hiring. If it is lost or stolen this must be reported immediately to either the Student Services Administrator (01952 815396) 9.30am - 4pm or University Security (07980 061128) after 5pm.

Where do I return the bike?

Bikes must be returned in full working order and clean at the end of the loan period. They must be checked by a porter who can be contacted on 01952 815321 or porters@harper-adams.ac.uk for a time to be arranged. The bike should then be returned to the Cycle Rack. The padlock key, helmet and bike check form should be returned to Jane Austin.

Cycle safety

A cycle safety booklet will be made available to you by Student Services and this should be read.


Jane Austin will take you through the procedure of hiring a bike. Make sure you take your Student ID card. You will be a need to read and comply with the full terms and conditions.

“The bike hire scheme is very popular amongst the students, particularly in the warmer weather! We have 31 bikes available to hire from £3 per week.”

Parking on campus

University visitors please read our Information for Visitors section.

All parking on campus is FREE. Terms and conditions apply to both student and staff parking:

  • Vehicles must be registered to park (register via the Harper Adams Portal).
  • Parking is only permitted in areas and spaces where your permit allows.
  • Disabled spaces must only be used by persons holding and displaying a Blue Badge, or a special permit issued by the university.
  • If your vehicle is registered for the car share scheme then you must park with a passenger on board.
  • Students can only have one vehicle on site at any one time, however you can register more than one vehicle by contacting carparking@harper-adams.ac.uk.
  • Failure to follow the terms and conditions will result in a penalty notice of £30 being issued by First Parking. Payment within 14 days will reduce this to £20. Unregistered vehicle details will be searched with the DVLA.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the Harper Adams Portal. If you change your vehicle please make sure you update your details on the Portal before parking on campus.


For further information please email carparking@harper-adams.ac.uk.

A detailed campus map including parking zones and locations of key buildings.

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