Staff Directory

Dr Moira Harris BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, Postgrad Cert TLHEP

Course Manager, EFDP

Teaching Duties

  • A3007 Animal Health and Welfare (level 3) 
  • A4001 Academic Development (level 4)  
  • A5081 Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare (level 5)
  • A6018 Advances in Farm Animal Health and Welfare (level 6; module leader)  

Research Interests

  • Behaviour and welfare of farmed and zoo animals (primarily pigs and elephants)
  • Effects of transport on mortality, injuries and stress in broiler chickens
  • Maternal behaviour in human and non-human animals

Professional Memberships

  • International Society for Applied Ethology (Membership Secretary 2003-08, Procedural Advisor 2010-14)

Academic Department: Animal Production, Welfare and Veterinary Sciences

Department: Board of Governors

Tel: +44 (0)1952 815078

Office: N8 - North West Building

Research profile: ORCID


Other publications

  • KilBride, A.L., Mendl, M., Statham, P., Held, S., Harris, M., Marchant-Forde, J.N., Booth, H. and Green, L.E. (2014) Risks associated with preweaning mortality in 9424 piglets on 39 commercial outdoor pig farms in England Preventive Veterinary Medicine In Press
  • Kilbride, A.L., Mendl, M., Statham, P., Held, S., Harris, M., Cooper, S. and Green, L.E. (2012) A cohort study of preweaning piglet mortality and farrowing accommodation on 112 commercial pig farms in England Preventive Veterinary Medicine 104 (pp 281-291)
  • Kelly, A., Halstead, C., Hunter, D., Leighton, K., Grogan, A., Harris, M. (2011) Factors affecting the likelihood of release of injured and orphaned woodpigeons (Columba palumbus) Animal Welfare 20
  • Harris, M.J., Sherwin, C.M. and Harris, S. (2008) The welfare, housing and husbandry of elephants in UK zoos.  Final Report on a Defra, BIAZA, RSPCA and IFAW-funded study
  • Laws, N., Ganswindt, A., Heistermann, M., Harris, M., Harris, S.and Sherwin, C. (2007) A Case Study:  Faecal corticosteroid and behaviour as indicators of welfare during relocation of an Asian elephant. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 10
  • Sorrells, A.D., Eicher, S.D., Harris, M.J., Pajor, E.A. and Richert, B.T. (2007) Periparturient cortisol, acute phase cytokine, and acute phase protein profiles of gilts housed in groups or stalls during gestation. Journal of Animal Science 85
  • Harris, M.J., Pajor, E.A., Sorrells, A.D., Eicher, S.D., Richert, B.T. and Marchant-Forde, J.N. (2006) Effects of stall or small group gestation housing on the production, health and behaviour of gilts.  Livestock Science 102
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  • Harris, M.J. and Gonyou, H.W. (2003) Savaging behaviour in domestic gilts: A study of seven commercial farms. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 83
  • Harris, M.J., Li, Y.Z. and Gonyou, H.W. (2003) Short communication: Savaging behaviour in gilts and sows. Canadian Journal of Animal Science 83
  • Harris, M.J., Bergeron, R. and Gonyou, H.W. (2001) Parturient behaviour and offspring-directed aggression in farmed wild boar of three genetic lines. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 74
  • Harris, M.J. and Gonyou, H.W. (1998) Increasing available space in a farrowing crate does not facilitate postural changes or maternal responsiveness in gilts. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 59
Additional Information
  • Course Manager, Extended Foundation Degree Programmes                                     
  • Member of Harper Adams Branch Committee, University and College Union
  • External Examiner, Nottingham Trent University (2011-2015)
  • Academic Staff member, Harper Adams Board of Governors (2014 - )

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