Dr Moira Harris

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The great strength of the extended degree programmes is that they give the opportunity for students to study in higher education who may not otherwise have the chance. Many academically able students leave school and only later decide on higher education after working for a year or two; others have brought up families or simply found that sixth form wasn't appropriate for them. Our programmes not only allow students entry to the undergraduate courses at Harper Adams University, but to benefit from the preparation that the year gives - enabling them to thrive in their subsequent years at university.

Dr Moira Harris
Senior Lecturer in Animal Science


Animal behaviour and welfare, primarily of farmed and zoo animals

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After completing a degree in Psychology I moved to the University of Saskatchewan in Canada where I did an MSc and PhD in applied animal behaviour and welfare. For my PhD, I examined maternal behaviour and mother-offspring interactions in domestic pigs and farmed wild boar. Subsequently, I have researched behaviour and welfare in species that include dairy cows, laying hens, broiler chickens, zoo and working elephants and farmed fish. I have taught at Harper Adams for eight years and am currently a Senior Lecturer in Animal Science