Introduction to Rural Estate, Property and Land Management

Who studies land and property management courses?

Those who are interested in estate/property and land management and a desire to work in an exciting, dynamic industry. If the prospect of dealing with rural, commercial or residential property appeals to you, you have come to the right university. There are currently around 300 'Realmies', as students studying land management courses are affectionately known here, and that figure is rising steadily, especially with the introduction of the Rural Property Management degree. We are accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and students are encouraged to qualify as RICS Rural Chartered Surveyors or Associate Surveyors. Chartered surveyors offer knowledge, skills and advice all around the world on a wide range of property issues, while associate surveyors, also known as surveying technicians, carry out a wide range of tasks to support surveyors, architects and engineers


The BSc (Hons) REALM course at Harper particularly interested me as it included the one year placement. I spent that year as an assistant land agent for an estate management company. Now I am working as a resident agent on the Carington Estate in Buckinghamshire, working through my APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) and preparing for RICS exams to become a fully qualified chartered surveyor. Without this degree I wouldn't have been able to obtain a job which I thoroughly enjoy.

Claire Summerfield
BSc (Hons) Rural Enterprise and Land Management


The vast majority of students graduating with a degree in Realm or RPM go on to work as surveyors or land agents, and are in great demand, particularly having gained a year of work experience during their placement period. Rural Practice Surveyors or Land Agents get involved with four main areas of work:

Estate Management The management of country estates, farms, woodlands and rural property. This may include estate strategy, taxation, managing the country house, in-hand farms, let farms, cottages, building repairs, woodlands, shooting, fishing, collecting the rent roll and arrears, liaising with tenants, development, commercial property, diversification and entrepreneurial activities such as nurseries, open day events, country sports and theme parks.

Professional Professional work includes: Rent reviews, farm diversification, tenant right valuations, stocktaking valuations, planning permissions, conservation, woodland management, taxation, compulsory purchase for motorways, pipelines etc, rural and urban development schemes such as out-of-town shopping, and residential and commercial development.

Agency The selling, buying or letting of farms, land, large houses, cottages, woodlands, livestock, shooting and fisheries/fishing rights, chattels, antiques and commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, shops and leisure properties such as golf courses, hotels, bed & breakfast, wind farms and caravan sites.

Specialisms Examples of specialist careers include auctioneering, providing advice on energy, working on film sets, and in the leisure industry (e.g. with hotels).

RICS and Harper Adams - working together

RICS only approves and accredits a certain number of courses as having the requisite quality and academic rigour to be a route of entry into the profession and we are pleased to say that Harper Adams was one of the first institutions to sign a 'University Partnership' agreement with the Institution that recognises the quality of education an aspiring chartered surveyor will receive at the University.

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The department is staffed by a number of chartered surveyors as well as a chartered forester, a chartered builder and a town planner. Harper Adams staff regularly present papers at ROOTs, the RICS Rural Research Conference. Many also teach in industry through the short courses Harper Adams offers, including a range of RICS professional courses. This means that you can be confident you are being taught by staff working at the forefront of their discipline.