Extended Foundation Degree Programme (EFDP)

Do you want to study for a degree but don't have the right qualifications? Or maybe you want to return to study after a few years in the workplace or raising a family? Then the Extended Foundation Degree Programme (EFDP) could be just what you're looking for.

The EFDP is ideal for students over 17½ who want to study in higher education but choose not to go down the 'usual route' of studying A-levels or National Diplomas. If you progress to a foundation degree you will spend a total of four years full-time at Harper Adams (three years of study plus one year on work placement). Students who achieve exceptional results after the first year of the programme will be able to transfer onto an bachelor's degree in their second year (spending a total of five years at Harper Adams including the work placement).

The EFDP has a very high pass rate. The key to this success is the teaching, content and structure of the course, which is designed to support and motivate you, giving you the skills and confidence to reach your goals.

What will I study?

Seven specially selected modules in the first year will provide you with the academic and study skills you need to prepare for the rest of your higher education qualification. There are four entry routes to choose from, each of which, upon successful completion of this preparatory year, Year 0, will lead to a foundation or bachelor's degree, depending on the percentage mark you pass with.

Specialist Routes

Which is the best route for me?

Some students have a very firm idea of the job they are aiming for and will choose the entry route that will lead them onto a specific degree course. Other students have only a vague idea of the area they would like to work in - say agriculture, or animals - and so choose their entry route accordingly. Others make a decision based solely on their interests. Along the way most find they enjoy some modules more than others and they will go on to choose a degree that incorporates more of these elements, which, in its turn, will lead to a range of careers in that area.

There is opportunity to progress onto a bachelor's degree in subjects that differ to the specialist routes. For example students wishing to progress on to BSc REALM will typically choose the EFDP Countryside specialist route (Please see progression table for more detail).

Whichever route you choose, the skills, knowledge and experience you gain whilst studying will equip you for a wide range of careers, from very specific roles such as agronomist or vet nurse to more generic jobs such as the civil service or police force. We don't expect you to come to us knowing everything - if you are unsure of the best route to take you will receive lots of advice from lecturers, careers and support staff. Remember, there is often the opportunity to transfer between courses later on if you feel you have chosen the wrong route.

Progression through the programme

Following successful completion of the preparatory year, students are able to progress onto a foundation or bachelor's degree, depending on the percentage mark obtained and fullfilment of other eligibility criteria (e.g completion of relevant work experience, obtaining specific marks in specific modules). The table provides typical progression routes following the preparatory year.