Introduction to Business

Why study business at Harper Adams?

Everyone needs a business education. Whatever career you follow it will almost certainly involve some 'business'. From manufacturing to marketing, food to finance, you need to develop and manage business opportunities to create wealth and well-being, prosperity, jobs and choices. At Harper Adams we prepare you for a successful career in a wide range of industries. We give you not just the knowledge, but the skills to put it into practice in the real world outside the classroom. Through lectures and tutorials led by commercially experienced staff you will learn to think critically, solve business problems, analyse company finances and investigate new markets - then do it for real during the work placement year that all of our students undertake. There will be visiting speakers, off-site visits, careers advice and the fabulous modern resources at Harper Adams to help you understand the type of business you are interested in. If you have the ambition and drive for business and want to study at a beautiful, lively rural university with an excellent reputation Harper Adams is for you.



We are passionate about giving you the skills that employers want; to develop your IT skills, give presentations, work in groups, manage teams and think like an entrepreneur. These skills, combined with your work placement experience, and the can-do approach typical to most Harper Adams students, adds up to an attractive package for employers. Our graduates can be found working in a wide range of industries and different roles across the UK and beyond. Agricultural and land-based industries, the food supply chain, the retail sector, banks, accountancy - you name it, there's a Harper graduate there. There are many graduate management training schemes across all sectors of business.


The department is staffed by professionals with considerable industrial experience who support modules ranging from finance, human resource management, marketing and economics through to consulting and entrepreneurship. Members of the Business Management and Marketing Group maintain links with professional organisations including the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Management Institute, the American Marketing Association, the Market Research Society, the Higher Education Academy and the Confederation of British Industry.

The Business Network

We have developed strong links with some of the biggest names in the sector including Tesco, Faccenda, Clydesdale Bank, Marks & Spencer, Dairy Crest, and Warburtons - to name just a few. We are also home to a number of successful 'business clubs' including the award-winning Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE), The Food Business Initiative, Care and Rural Enterprise (CaRE), The Sustainable Technologies Network, the National Rural Knowledge Exchange (NRKE), and the National Care Farm Initiative.