Introduction to Agriculture

Modern agriculture

In the UK 75 per cent of our land area is used for agriculture and 12.5 per cent of the population are actively involved in food production from farm to fork. Agriculture can be defined as the principle and practice of primary food production and alternative crops in a sustainable manner. Modern agriculture is a diverse and highly advanced technological industry. With the changing emphasis on land use and issues such as security of food supply, protecting the environment, sustainability, biofuels, access to the countryside and reconnecting the food chain, agriculture is once again at the forefront of the political agenda, and the outlook for the industry is now very buoyant.

Who studies agriculture?

Harper Adams has around 400 students studying agriculture either alone or with another related subject. Agriculture is one of the largest courses here and accounts for around a quarter of our students. Agriculture students - or 'agrics' as they like to be known - aren't just farmers' sons and daughters. They come from many different locations and backgrounds, both urban and rural, and their reasons for studying agriculture are as diverse as their career plans. The one trait they generally share is a love for the outdoors, a determination to enjoy their university life to the full, and to earn a highly regarded qualification that gives them a head start in an exciting industry.



This large and dynamic industry offers a tremendous range of career opportunities. Within the agricultural industry Harper Adams has an excellent reputation for producing top quality applied graduates. Our agriculture students are highly sought after as they have the skills employers need, including technical knowledge, a hands-on approach and good practical and interpersonal skills. Harper graduates are known widely as confident team players with a can-do attitude. This is due to the placement period, the application of theory into practice through case studies involving real world situations, the close association we have with industry, commercially sponsored projects, visiting speakers and visits to other businesses and enterprises.