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Tom Underhill receiving his Aspire Award from SU President Emily Hayman Dave Harding receiving his Aspire Award from Dr David Llewellyn


October 2013 Aspire Excellence Awards

Earlier this week staff came together at the Aspire Excellence Awards Lunch to celebrate staff excellence in both teaching and supporting the wider student experience. The event brought together award nominees from all departments. Awards were presented by Dr David Llewellyn and SU President Emily Hayman to David Allan, Nicky Hunter, Dave Harding, Heather Hogan, Sylvia Leake and Tom Underhill.The full details of each award are available here

This year, for the first time, one of the award categories was determined and awarded by the Students’ Union. Their decision to offer an award for Student Feedback, reflects the importance that Harper Adams’ students place on constructive and timely feedback for learning.   Award recipient Tom Underhill said “ "I was delighted to receive an Aspire prize from the students union at Harper Adams University. The best reason for giving feedback is the positive way that Harper Adams students use it to improve their work. It is also very encouraging to see that Emily and her team at the Student Union take academic matters so seriously. Thanks Emily!"

Nicky Hunter also described what the award meant to her: "Teaching, supporting and motivating my students has always been the most important part of my role at Harper and it is a challenge I relish. To be recognised for these qualities by those students is a huge honour for me and I wish to thank everyone who voted for thinking of me!"

The awards shine a light on some of the ways in which Harper Adams staff work extraordinarily hard to ensure an outstanding student experience.

Congratulations to all nominees and award winners.