Excellence Awards

Awards for 2014-5 were presented at the Learning A& Teaching Conference on 14th September 2015 by Andy Jones (Director of Learning & Teaching). Staff sharing practice at the Learning & Teaching Conference before the awards were made.

Each year Harper Adams University invites staff and students to nominate colleagues for an Aspire Excellence Award.  Up to six awards are made to staff who have demonstrated excellent standards and who have made a significant impact on the learning experience of students. 

2014/5 Aspire Awards

The winners of the Aspire Excellence Awards 2014/5 were as follows:  

Excellent Practice Award (2 awards)

Philip Robinson

After only one year at Harper, Philip is already making an impact with lots of very positive feedback from students about his supportive approach, taking time to get to know students and engaging teaching style. The students said that Philip always motivates them, makes really valuable resources to support classes and gives really useful feedback.

Martin Wilkinson

Martin’s students nominated him for being engaging, always being happy to help them, and for motivating them. His student nominators noted how Martin really made the difference to their interest in the subjects as he can make even complex content light hearted.

Wider Student Experience Awards (3 awards)

Heather Hogan

Heather holds the record for the most nominations in a single year and even had her own hashtag of appreciation by the postgraduate students! Some highlights from the student nominations include: Heather goes above and beyond to really help everyone that she can;  Heather is constantly supportive to my personal problems and has been an absolute saviour with my assignment deadlines as well as helping me to feel so, so welcome at Harper; Generally the superhero that Harper relies on; and, without her the postgrads would be lost, she's the glue that holds us together!

Amanda Price

Amanda received many nominations this year, and last year. They all refer to her bubbly personality making the difference to students and the personal touch that she has when dealing with students every day. They all comment how she gets to know them and provides support, and just makes a difference to their day.

Claire Hutchinson

Claire is nominated for the work she does with students, supporting their Honor’s Research Project and other project work, Clare is consistently available and willing to support these students. Claire has even been known to be here at 6am making early preparations to support students! She has made a particular impact in providing support for international students and her efforts are also appreciated by colleagues.

Developing and Sharing Excellence (1 award)

Susan Ragbourne

Susan managed to produce some very useful work with the mobile app Nearpod in the classroom but also in creating relevant learning objects which were uploaded onto modules. Susan is keen to experiment with new approaches to teaching and is not afraid of technology. She has great determination to overcome any obstacles she may encounter.

Student Choice Award: Supportive Teaching (1 award)

Paul Lewis

To quote straight from the nomination Paul has a “Very friendly and approachable manner, puts you at ease when consulting him and generally pleasant to talk to.  Open to being approached with queries and makes an effort to make himself available.  Always seems eager to help.  Goes out of his way to help others.  Open to student views and feedback, makes people feel they can be honest and their comments appreciated and taken seriously”.

2013/4 Aspire Awards

The winners of the Aspire Excellence Awards 2013/4 were as follows:  

Excellent Practice

Leticia Chico-Santamarta - Awarded in recognition of Leticia's commitment to supporting students, particularly by providing additional classes, support for dissertation students and developing teaching engaging resources. According to her nominations she "ensure[s] that no student feels left behind or unsure of teaching provided" , she "continually puts students first and works extremely hard well above the 'call of duty' in all aspects of her lecturing and placement manager roles" (Student nominators).

Nicky Hunter - Awarded in recognition of her "passionate" and "inspirational teaching. Students describe how Nicky has motivated them and engaged them, particularly with online materials and with extra curricular activities. According to one of the student nominators "Nicky deserves the excellent practice award as she instills inspiration, confidence and passion into her students to achieve the best they possibly can". 

Tom Underhill -  Awarded in recognition of the outstanding support that Tom provides to students and in recognition of his enthusiastic, industry relevant and engaging teaching style. In the words of some of the nominees:  "He deserves this award as he has always done everything in his power to help the students with their learning"  and he "is consistently happy to help with any problems. You shout, ring or email and Tom will be there or will arrange for a time to help you" (Student nominators).Wider Student Experience

Kathy Smith - Awarded in recognition of the excellent support given to students in their preparation for placement and during placement. Kathy's advice and guidance is hugely valued by students, as is her knowledge of the industries that students are working in.  

Shaun Hoofe & Andrew Sedgley - Awarded in recognition of their commitment to demonstrating exceptional levels of service to both students and staff; they have regularly identified situations in which particular help requests needed rapid resolution, and followed through not just with effective troubleshooting, but also with additional support. Students’ Choice Award for Excellent Use of The Learning Hub

Sandra Pattinson - Awarded in recognition of the extensive and consistent provision of engaging and useful materials on The Learning Hub (the university's virtual learning environment). The materials are well organised and hugely beneficial for student revision.  The Students' Union judges commented upon the interactivity, richness and variety of resources made available by Sandra. 

2012/3 Aspire Awards

The winners of the Aspire Excellence Awards 2012/3 were as follows:  

Excellent Practice

 David Allan - Awarded for his commitment to providing excellent student support, a motivating teaching style and the provision of supportive feedback. The nominations described how Dave is devoted to the students.

 Nicky Hunter - Awarded in recognition of her commitment to supporting students to achieve their potential, her caring approach towards students, her contribution to the Conservation Society, and the provision of ‘fantastic’ feedback.

Developing and Sharing Excellence

 Sylvia Leake - Awarded for excellent contributions to support our international partnerships and for her pro-active engagement in enhancement activities. 

Wider Student Experience

 Heather Hogan - Awarded for consistently go the ‘extra mile’ to support both staff and students, she was described in her nomination as flexible, supportive, generous with her time putting the needs of the students first.

Dave Harding - Awarded for outstanding service to support staff and students. Dave was nominated for a range of reasons including an exemplary attitude to work and an approach where nothing is too much trouble. 

Students’ Choice Award for Excellence in Feedback

 Tom Underhill - recognised by students for the consistent, timely and constructive nature of the feedback that he provides to students.