Student Services

Everyone worries about something whether it be accommodation, money, work, friends, relationships or just where your next clean pair of socks is coming from!

Student Services offer help, support and advice that is always easily accessible. University is a new experience for many and we are here to make sure you make the most of that experience.

Rebecca Hayhurst
Student Services Manager

The Student Services Department covers the following areas:

  • Student welfare
  • Finance
  • Accommodation
  • General issues relating to non-academic life at Harper Adams

This section of the website serves as a portal that links together all other areas of the Harper Adams site concerned with student and student welfare issues.

Student Wardens

12 final year students are selected every year for the student wardening team. They are resident on-campus and act as first points of contact for resident students.

Two wardens are on duty every night to provide first aid cover and general assistance for student problems. Other duties include organisation and encouragement of activities; administration of key/deposit system; issue and implementation of fire regulations; liaison with cleaners. This wardening set-up has been in place for 12 years and has become an integral and invaluable part of life at Harper Adams.

We take pride in the level of pastoral care provided for our students by the combination of our resident members of staff and the wardening team.

Bike Hire Scheme

  • Bike hire for students from £1.50 per week (subject to £50.00 refundable deposit)
  • Helmet, padlock and lights provided
  • Hire from one week to one term
  • For full details visit the student Travel Information page.