Professor Simon Blackmore

Professor Simon Blackmore BSc. PhD. CEng. FIAgrE

Head of Engineering 

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Tel: 01952 815221
Academic Department: Engineering
Office: E4A
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Research Interests

  • Precision Farming
  • Agricultural robots and smart machines
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Farm Management Information Systems and decision support

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Journal papers

Aggelopoulou, K., Wulfsohn, D., Fountas, S., Gemtos, T., Nanos, G., and Blackmore, S. (2009) Spatial variation in yield and quality in a small apple orchard. Precision Agriculture

Akdemir, B. and Blackmore, B. S. (2004) A methodology for production of yield maps. Tarim Bilimleri Dergisi 10:138-44.

Akdemir, B., Belliturk, K., Sisman, C. B., and Blackmore, B. S. (2005) Spatial distribution in a dry onion field (A precision farming application in Turkey). Journal of Central European Agriculture 6:3211-222.

Al-Kufaishi, S., Blackmore, B., and Sourell, H. (2006) The feasibility of using variable rate water application under a central pivot irrigation system. Irrigation and Drainage Systems 20:2317-327.

Al-Kufaishi, S. A., Blackmore, B. S., Sourell, H., and Maletti, G. (2005) Assessment of Two Variable Rate Irrigation Controllers used on a Central Pivot. The CIGR Journal of AE Scientific Research and Development VII:Manusript EE 05 002.

Al Suhaibani, S. A., Babeir, A. S., Kilgour, J., and Blackmore, B. S. (1991) Field Tests of the KSU date palm service machine. Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research 9:355-57.

Al Suhaibani, S. A., Babier, A. S., Kilgour, J., and Blackmore, B. S. (2001) Field tests of the KSU date palm machine. Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 51:179-190.

Ampatzidis, Y., Vougioukas, S., Blackmore, B. S., and Bochtis, D. (2006) An Object-Oriented Asynchronous Kalman Filter with Outlier Rejection for Autonomous Tractor Navigation. VDI BERICHTE 1958:303.

Blackmore, B. S. (1994) Precision Farming; An Introduction. Outlook on Agriculture 23:4275-280.

Blackmore, B. S. and Moore, M. R. (1999) Remedial correction of yield map data. Precision Agriculture Journal 1:153-66.

Blackmore, B. S. (2000) The interpretation of trends from multiple yield maps. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 26:137-51.

Blackmore, B. S., Fountas, S., Tang, L., and Have, H. (2004) System requirements for a small autonomous tractor. Agricultural Engineering International: the CIGR Journal of Scientific Research and Development PM 04 001

Blackmore, B. S., Fountas, S., Vougioukas, S., Tang, L., Sørensen, C.

Tel: 01952 815221
Academic Department: Engineering
Office: E4A
Research profile: ORCID

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