Why Choose to Study at Postgraduate Level?

Enhance your career opportunities

A postgraduate qualification can be a distinct advantage in today's competitive jobs market, whether you need it for entry into your chosen career, you are looking for an advantage over competing candidates in your field, or simply need to enhance your knowledge to progress in your chosen career. It also gives you the chance to network within your field and develop further contacts through Harper Adams' extensive professional network. In the Sunday Times league tables (2007) we were first for graduate employment.

Change your career path

Many students find their undergraduate degree doesn't give them all of the skills or knowledge they need to enter their chosen career. Taking a taught masters or postgraduate diploma/certificate qualification can be a relatively quick and financially sound way of enhancing your CV to fit your aspirations. For example, someone with a first degree in Agriculture may choose to study the MSc or PgDip Rural Environment and Land Management in order to move into rural property surveying.

Further your knowledge

Some students choose further study purely through an interest in their chosen subject. Others may not have a definite career path in mind and view postgraduate study as a valuable way of using their time whilst they decide. In these cases it is best to choose a subject you are interested in, or which will help you develop key skills that you can market to future employers.

Who Studies At Postgraduate Level?

We have a wide range of postgraduate students at Harper Adams, from the UK and overseas, of all ages and backgrounds.

Some students have chosen to progress onto postgraduate study after their undergraduate degree, because they are already in the habit of studying and relevant knowledge is still fresh in their minds.

Some students return to university after many years in the workplace or home and, with the benefit of the work and life experiences they have developed, find postgraduate study a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Some people choose to study part-time as this gives them the flexibility to balance their academic studies with paid work or other responsibilities.

Though all students have to consider the financial implications of postgraduate study or research very carefully, the enhanced career opportunities, self-confidence and key skills developed makes the investment very worthwhile.