Job Opportunities

Students studying at Harper Adams University may wish to look for job opportunities close to the university or within travelling distance.

Here are some pointers that may be of help:

University vacancies

  • Domestic Services - contact Michelle Pryce (Domestic Services Manager) on +44 (0)1952 815309
  • Catering Services - contact David Nuttall (Catering Manager) on +44 (0)1952 815354
  • Research Opportunities - contact Academic Tutors to enquire of any research opportunities that may be available

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Newport has many local businesses - shops, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, garden centres etc

Not all jobs will be advertised so its up to you to go and look for work by going in person and asking if they are looking to recruit staff.

Dress smartly, be polite, if you have a 'curriculum vitae' take one with you so they have your details and can contact you.

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Newspapers and Websites

Newport's local newspaper is the Newport Advertiser which is published weekly, available on a Friday. This includes local jobs. The Shropshire Star is a daily publication; Thursday's edition includes 'Job Finder' which features many jobs around Newport, Telford, Shrewsbury & the surrounding areas.

Opportunities around Newport and Telford are advertised at local recruitment agencies. These can be found in Yellow Pages or in Thompson Local Directory available in the Library.

Useful local websites include:

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Tax and National Insurance

What do I do when I start a new job?

When you start a new job, if you have not worked in the UK before you should ask your employer for a P46 form which helps to calculate what level of tax you pay. If you have already worked in the UK, then give your employer your P45 (the form you should have received when you left your last job). If you only want to work in the holidays and think your income in the tax year is likely to be less than your personal allowance, ask your employer for a P38(s) and your employer should then pay you without deducting tax.

What do I do when I leave my job?

Ask your employer for the P45 form that shows your tax code, your total earnings in the tax year so far, and how much tax you have paid since the start of the tax year. You may also receive a P60 form after the end of the tax year. If you think you have overpaid tax then you can ask your Tax Office for a P50 form to apply for repayment. For further information, go to

How many hours can I work during term?

You cannot work more than 20 hours per week in term time. The penalties for working more are severe and can result in you being asked to leave the country. You also need to think carefully about how much time you can spare from your studies as you must not risk falling behind with your coursework. We recommend that you only work 15 hours at the very most.

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National publications advertising vacancies

  • Guardian Media (Monday)
  • Guardian Work (Monday)
  • New Scientist (Monday)
  • Guardian Education (Tuesday)
  • Guardian Society (Wednesday)
  • Guardian Technology (Thursday)
  • Daily Telegraph (Thursday)
  • Times Higher Education Supplement (Friday)

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