Frequently Asked Questions

How much will university cost?

The Fees and Charges booklet shows all charges that students are liable for and must pay to Harper Adams University during their course. The most recent version can be found in our finance section. If any additional fees are applicable (such as those for pre-sessional courses) you will be notified in your offer letter.

The majority of international students will be subject to 'overseas' tuition fees. If there is a potential query over the level of fees to be charged, your admissions administrator will send you a Fee Enquiry Form. Your fees will be confirmed in your offer letter, and for Tier 4 students, on your CAS. Students coming to the University on a Tier 4 visa will be required to pay a deposit towards their tuition fees before their CAS is issued. This is to ensure that you can demonstrate your ability to pay for your course.

All students are also liable for accommodation charges, whether these are for on-campus, or private accommodation. You must ensure that you are able to pay these and other associated living costs, such as food, transport, clothes, insurance, books etc. If you would like advice on likely accommodation costs, please contact Student Services.

Please remember that overseas students may be eligible for financial support via bursaries and scholarships offered by both Harper Adams and by the British Council (See Local Contacts).

Fees and charges are subject to alteration so please contact registry to confirm current charges as well as the availability of bursaries and scholarships.

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Can I get a part-time job?

Students on a Tier 4 visa are permitted to work during the course of their studies. The following conditions apply:

  • You cannot work more than 20 hours per week during term time (a small amount of students may only be allowed to work 10 hours per week – your visa will clearly state your limit).
  • There is no limit on working hours during vacations.
  • You are allowed to do a work placement which is part of a sandwich course, or an internship (even where the working hours exceed 20 hrs per week in term time).
  • You must not pursue a career by filling a permanent full-time vacancy.
  • You must not work as a professional sports person or entertainer.
  • You must not set up a business.

Students on a visitor visa are not permitted to work in any capacity, with the exception of unpaid work experience directly required for their course.

Check out the Job Opportunities page for further information.

Useful websites include:

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