International Student Support

Harper Adams has strong links with international businesses and overseas institutions. The University both welcomes students from abroad and encourages UK students to study or spend their industrial placement in a foreign country. Harper Adams attaches great importance to international aspects of university academic and social life. There are many staff (and students) who have personal experience of living and working overseas, and the University has been actively developing links with colleges and universities in other countries.

The teaching at the University is firmly underpinned by research activity, a great deal of which is undertaken in collaborative projects with overseas agencies and institutions. Staff are also encouraged to participate in lecturer exchanges to widen their experience as educators.

In addition, the expertise which Harper Adams can offer is internationally renowned and staff from the university have, on occasion, been provided with funding to extend their expertise to developing nations.

International News

Institutional Audit

The Quality Assurance Agency is responsible for ensuring that appropriate standards are being achieved and a good quality education is being offered. This is accomplished by reviewing standards and quality, and providing reference points that help to define clear and explicit standards. Click here to read Harper Adams' institutional audit.