Regional Food Academy

Located here...

  • New Product Development Kitchen
  • Sensory Evaluation Room RFA013
  • Focus Group Room
  • Food Production hall
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Instrumental Analysis Room
  • Food Business Propagation Unit
  • Food Grade Lecture Theatre RFA001
  • Exhibition / Conference Space
  • 3 Seminar Rooms


  • RFA0xx - Ground Floor
  • RFA1xx - First Floor

Harper Adams is home to the Regional Food Academy. It was established in 2009 to provide support to the West Midlands region's food industry in the form of training, education, knowledge transfer and technical consultancy. It also works with schools in the region to raise awareness of the sources of food and the nature of the food chain, and to increase understanding of the diversity of good career options offered by the food industry. The UK's food industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the country, with a turnover in excess of £75 billion and employing almost 500,000 people, of which some 20 per cent are graduate level employees.

With the development of specialist food courses designed expressly to allow students to target careers in the food industry, Harper Adams is rapidly becoming a key source of graduates for food businesses of all sizes. Gaining hands-on experience of food and the food industry is an important part of the process of education for careers in food. Harper Adams' students develop experience of the food industry through their industrial placement year spent working in food businesses as well as through factory visits. With the creation of the Regional Food Academy specialist food students have access to food processing facilities on-site. They are able to undertake practical sessions which develop their understanding of the principles of food processing and preservation. They are able to make cheeses and beers, for example, as well as learn how to make baked goods and other preserved foods. Using the food product development and sensory evaluation facilities they can develop their skills in new food product design and development. Students can also gain insight into specialised products such as fresh produce, ready meals, confectionery and snack foods, as well as more traditional products such as cured and smoked meats, jams and preserves.

Through the resources of the Regional Food Academy, Harper Adams's specialist food graduates will develop the practical abilities required to make food products, not just talk about them.

The Aims of the Regional Food Academy:

  • To support food and drink businesses within the region
  • To raise the profile of food and drink within the region
  • Increase economic development and prosperity