Queen Mother Hall

Conference dining room Main dining hall Outside Queen Mother Hall Queen Mother Hall

The Queen Mother Hall is located on the North East side of the campus and adjacent to the new Faccenda building, it houses three main rooms, the Queen Mother Hall, Dining Hall and Conference Dining Room.

Queen Mother Hall

The largest room on campus, featuring an oak panelled stage which benefits from plenty of light and adaptable for nearly every occasion.

The QMH is ideal for presentations, seating 400 in theatre style arrangements. The hall can also be arranged for formal dinners or tabled seating, where it can seat up to 150.

Conference Dining Room

The Conference Dining Room is ideal for smaller meetings or dinner events, seating up to 60.

Dining Hall

The main Dining Hall on the ground floor is perfect for large banquets, where up to 234 can be seated in a variety of arrangements.